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Nurbaiti is one of the four groups which are still able to rely on the forest for their living. Despite living in outer community village, it is still difficult for this particular group to gain access to public services. Positioned in the upstream region has made it difficult for them to reach public service facilities. They hope that the state, with its legal power, will be able to protect the living spaces of groups residing in the remaining forest, in order to protect the land that they own right now from threats of forest clearing posed by communities or companies. They bear this hope for the sake of their future descendants.

The discussion regarding REDD+ is inseparable from the discourse on land use. In reality, the issue of land use in Indonesia is never free from conflict. The overlapping of land use permits has become the key problem in the ensuing conflict of land use.

Triggered by the ambiguity of land ownership, unfair access to natural resources and weak enforcement of the law, overlapping of land use permit in Indonesia subsequently becomes a risk factor for conflict.

As an illustration, society’s complaints of conflict in terms of land use continue to increase in amount. In 2010, the number of cases of land conflict stood at the number of 1.018 and in the next two years increased to 1.064 cases, cited from Nur Kholis (Chairman of the National Committee of Human Rights) in the article “Konflik Lahan di Indonesia Meningkat, 6th of September 2015.

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  • Conflict Resolution
Conflicting interests between that of environmental sustainability and survival of society led to conflict in the region. There are five areas Harapan Forest (Jambi) claimed to belong to a society, which includes 2020 households.
Pembicaraan tentang REDD+ tidak dapat terpisahkan dari wacana penggunaan lahan. Dan dalam kenyataannya isu penggunaan lahan di Indonesia tidak pernah sepi dari konflik. Tumpang tindih perizinan dalam penggunaan lahan menjadi masalah kunci dalam...
Conflict mediation between Kubu People and PT Wana Perintis.Until now, there has been three meetings held for mediating the two parties. The meeting was also attended by The Ministry of Environment and Forestry, The National Commission on...
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