Reformation of Indonesian Law

100 judges, registrar, and assitant registrar are participating at a seminar about fire that happens in peatlands and forest also about a numbering guidence for enivronment related case in Pekanbaru, on December 17th-18th, 2015.

Up until now, there are still a lot of unresolved problem in Indonesia’s 98,072,7 hectare forest area (based on Indonesian forestry statistic in 2013). The common problems that Indonesia face regarding to its forest are about licensing, acquisition of land, functional shift of forest and land, destruction of forest and peatlands, to the practice of forest clearance known as slash and burn. These problems are still happening to date and have massive impact on our environment.

The challenges that Indonesia met are including: iinsufficient regulations on the forest, the failure to implement the law effectively and consistently, lack of transparency in the process of supervising the implementation of the law, inaccessible database about companies with approved license that hampers Indonesian society’s ability to have a good access to information about it, lack of strategic planning, and non-existence deterrence effect from the destroyer of the environment’s side, are some of the main causes of the continuous massive scale destruction of forest and peatlands.

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JAKARTA – “Through time to time, our forest is experiencing a lot of serious treats due to a lot of irresponsible actions made by humans. If these treats are not being handled well, it will impact our environment, economy, and our health"
Conflicting interests between that of environmental sustainability and survival of society led to conflict in the region. There are five areas Harapan Forest (Jambi) claimed to belong to a society, which includes 2020 households.
Conflict mediation between Kubu People and PT Wana Perintis.Until now, there has been three meetings held for mediating the two parties. The meeting was also attended by The Ministry of Environment and Forestry, The National Commission on...
The General Secretary of Law Enforcement from The Ministry of Environment and Foresty is working on the draft of Presidential Regulation about Environmental Law Enforcement. The drafting of the regulation also involved 2 experts from Parahyangan...
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