• Kingdom of Norwegia Provides Assistance for Welling Equipments

Kingdom of Norwegia Provides Assistance for Welling Equipments

10 villages located in three subdistricts, namely Muara Pawan, Matan Hilir Utara, and Matan Hilir Selatan, in Ketapang District, each received one set of hydrant construction equipment. Kingdom of Norwegia is in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry as well as UNDP.

By: Mirza Ahmad Muin, Muara Pawan

Before assistance is given, village representatives were trained to build community-based hydrants as means to prevent forest and land fire in their respective villages.

On Saturday afternoon, 50 participants of hydrant construction training originating from three subdistricts, namely Muara Pawan, Matan Hilir Utara and Matan Hilir Selatan of Ketapang District gathered in the forest located far behind the Office of Muara Pawan Subdistrict Governor. On that location, they received practical training on how to construct hydrant wells from September 17-19, 2016.

It is known that there are 10 villages as representatives of those three subdistricts which are prone to forest and land fire. It is expected that after the participants make those hydrant wells, it would serve as means of early prevention of fire for the village residents. Aside from being attended by representatives of UNDP, Sampan Kalimantan, Head of Muara Pawan Governor, Ismadaniar also directly observed the methods of constructing hydrant wells.

"This training will bring about positive impacts for the village residents. Especially considering the fact that following the training, the participants who are also representatives of the 10 villages are given a set of hydrant well equipments,” said the Governor or Muara Pawan Subdistrict, Ismadaniar.

He went on to say that there are six villages within his scope of authority which receive training and assistance. Those villages are areas which are prone to forest and land fire. The existing effort to create hydrant wells is one of the most effective means of preventing fire. “The problem we face when we extinguish fire is water availability. Now, training and support coming in the form of hydrant is an effective way to prevent fire,” he said.

The assistance coming from the Kingdom of Norwegia which was initiated by UNDP, with Sampan Kalimantan as the field coordinator, is beneficial for his side.

One of the training participants from Tempurukan Village, Muara Pawan Subdistrict, Hendri saw that the training was beneficial for him and his villaeg. He told us that the fire in 2015 served as a lesson for him because a lot of the villagers’ plantations were consumed by the fire. Water availability becomes an issue when it comes to fire extinguishing efforts

"Before the training, we planned to construct an artesian well to anticipate the dry season. It was also made to anticipate forest and land fire. But this additional assistance also contribute much to our efforts,” he said.

" This is the second time the community-based hydrant training aimed to prevent forest and land fire is held. Beforehand we also conducted similar event in Batu Ampar Subdistrict, Kubu Raya,” said Sampan Kalimantan’s Program Officer, Singlum.

This second training is held in Muara Pawan Subdistrict, Ketapang District. There is a total of 10 villages out of 3 subdistricts which receive training and support in the form of hydrant construction set. Wel, as he is commonly refered to, said that there are 6 villages in Muara Pawan Subdistrict which will receive the training and support, 3 in Matan Hilir Utara Subdistrict, and 1 in Matan Hilir Selatan Subdistrict.

He hoped that participants will be able to optimally utilize the support and training, and that it will come in handy shall there be another case of forest and land fire.*

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