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Sarik Atas, Nagari Sarik Alahan Tigo (Santiago), Hiliran Gumanti, Solok, South Sumatera. South Sumatera is a real portrait of a community life based on local wisdoms. Several young men initiated Organic Farmer Community (Perkumpulan Petani Organik) which cultivates organic rice. They preserve land, forest and river and the environment in general through their organic farming program. They also built a place called Lubuk Larangan where thousands of fishes live free from river pollution. The locals are also prohibited from fishing in and polluting the Hiliran Gumanti river except for once a year. Even though they live in a remote foothills, the people are very innovative. They used to produce electricity by using waterwheels until State Electricity Company (PLN) came to the area in 2013. Santiago’s nature is well-preserved because of the wisdoms that the locals hold tight. (Photo: Leo Wahuyudi S)

An important principle in benefit sharing proceed from cutting down CO2 emission from deforestation and forest and peat land degradation is paradigm change that place the people to be the subject of the program or the policy. This means that the people are not only entitled to many benefits but are also obliged to help guarantee the success of the program.

This principle becomes the core of the UNDP REDD+ Indonesia Social Forestry program that is under the Ministry of the Environment of Forestry. The ministry has set a target of 12.7 million hectares of forest area to be managed by the local people through many programs, such as, Social Forestry Scheme (Skema Hutan Kemasyarakatan), Forest Village (Hutan Desa), People’s Forest Plant (Hutan Tanaman Rakyat), Customary land (Hutan Adat) and Forest Partnership (Kemitraan Kehutanan).

The 12.7 million hectares target is a manifestation of NAWACITA 7, an agenda to achieve economic independence by focusing on strategic domestic economic sectors, and has been stated in the National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN).

‘Well-targeted’ was the keyword of the speech of Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, about social forestry. Unfortunately, government’s initiatives are often stopped or misdirected because the people receive partial informations or because they have difficulties accessing those informations.

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Climate change can not be ignored because it will threaten many people. The previous statement was made by Beted, a 17 year old Orang Rimba (Kubu People), Kedundung Mudo group, in Bukit Duabelas National Park, Sarolangun, Jambi.
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