What Does It Mean to be Part of the Historical Paris Agreement

By Kristi Ardiana
Twitter: @kristiardiana
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Humanity ended the year 2015 by having a momentous and historical agreement on climate change, the establishment of Paris Agreement that displays 195 Nations commitment to set path to keep tem perature rise well below 2 degrees. The Paris Agreement for the first time brings all nations to a more concrete commitment to save the earth.

This agreement shows that we have come a long way since the day Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was first established in 1988. Since then, there are numerous international agreement that spesifically talked about climate change issue. Paris Agreement is unique because it adopts a new system of legally binding commitment based on each nations’ self-determination. Within the agreement, the targets are known as Indented National Determined Contributions (INDCs). Up until today, 187 countries have submitted their INDCs.

At individual level, for me personally, the “Below 2 degrees” commitment shows a sense of obligation. It opens my eyes about what it means to unleash more tangible actions and contribute directly to fix the problem of climate change in my capacity. The ambitious goal adopted by Paris Agreement plays as a wakeup call for me to look at climate change issues in a brand new perspective. It tells me that without our collective action those goals are just going to be a vain hopes. In my capacity as a college student, I need to do more things than just stay silent and see our earth destroyed by fellow humans. I need to spread the words about what the commitment means and reach out to as many people as possible to encourage their participation in the movement. Collective effort is more than the sum of our individual effort. It’s also about being committed to it and try to explain to our surroundings about the importance of “Below 2 degrees”. At this point, we have to understand that our responsibility to history is immense.

However, we have to concede that climate change issue is not a simple issue where everyone will eventually get and understand. There are a lot of precedents that show people’s misunderstanding regarding climate change issue due to its complexity. It’s so dangerous if people misunderstood climate change therfore I believe it’s the obligation of those who have better access to information about climate change, those who are experts at this field to reach out to layperson and invite them to join our fight. We need to try our best to make the issue of climate change close to the heart of the mass. Try to incorporate the danger of climate change in our daily conversation with everyone. Let them get involved and be more interested and aware of the importance to do something for our planet earth. Show them that small action counts. Like trying to reduce the use of paper, reduce the us of Air conditioner, and try to go to work with bike. Let us all see “below two degrees” commitment as a huge step forward in securing the future of our planet. We should see beyond the present, because the present determines our future, and our next generation’s future.

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